You’re a fetish adulterer – Actor, Prince Eke blasts wife, Muma Gee

The verbal war between popular Nollywood actor, Prince Eke and his musician wife, Muma Gee, seems to have taken another dimension.

The is just as the actor responded to his wife’s claim that she ‘gave her all to keep her marriage to restless husband.’

Recall that on Saturday, Muma Gee, again opened up on issues surrounding her alleged broken marriage.
The singer explained how she gave her all to make her marriage work.

She told Hip TV, “I got married and became a full time house wife for 6 years.

“I gave the marriage all my life, all my time, but if the persons involved are restless a bit, you can’t be in control…”

Her husband has however responded to her recent claim, calling her names.

On his Instagram [email protected], he wrote: “If infidelity, adultery and certain fetish activities does NOT make you RESTLESS ..then prepare to REST IN PEACE.”

Trouble started in December 2016 after the actor called out his wife on Instagram, saying she absconded to Abuja, leaving him alone to cater for their three children and all she does is hang out at night clubs with different men./.
Muma Gee had earlier responded to her husband’s allegation, saying she did not abandon her home..


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You’re a fetish adulterer – Actor, Prince Eke blasts wife, Muma Gee

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