On the Hello Nigeria show on World Environment Day, we had a environmentalist who is also a lawyer. Caleb Adebayo is the founder and project manager of Earthplus, an organisation committed to ensure clean and well environment.

Caleb said, as a lawyer he is interested in the environment and in policy making and he feels we should all take in the good policies to reduce the use of plastics in our eateries and homes. People drink from this plastics after use they dispose them to the gutters, sea animals eat this plastics and it destroys them.

According to wildlife conservation trust states that 10% of waste produce is makeup of plastics, as an individual we should try to beat plastic pollution. one million plastic bottles are purchased around the world every minute, only 14% gets recycled.

He said we should try refuse what we can not reuse. Plastic bottles has bad effects to our bodies, the chemicals used in making it are bad and the composing process takes 500 and more years.We are affecting our health by using plastic bottles, bags and cups.