On the Gudu Moring Naija show, we had Francis Osezua an independent film producer, programs coordinator of Tony May Foundation sickle cell aid, a non-profit care advocacy in Nigeria.

He educates and organise programmers for people living with sickle cell disorder, and since 2011 he has been conducting free monthly clinic and organizing awareness campaign in schools,Nysc orientation camps and public places in Lagos state. he also partnered with Lagos state ministry of health to provide health care service for people with disorder.

Francis said the sickle cell disorder affects people in all country, but Nigeria has the highest rate of people living with sickle cell showing through the research and the world health organisation.

He said a family lost two siblings Tony and May who were sickle cell patient and within 5 months, they died of sickle cell complication. After the death, the parents decided to start a foundation called Tony and May.

He explained how the sickle cell is passed to unborn children, how they help give out free monthly treatment, and also a movie to educate people on health issues.