Dr. Kelechi Okoro, Medical doctor, executive director Heal for African Initiative, and a Sexual and reproductive Health Right Advocate.

The N.G.O Heal for Africa Initiative ”pay attention to her project”, is taking women as a focus on health issues and human right. the first project is creating Mensal Awareness and the knowledge of menstrual circle.

Bad hygiene cause virginal infections,it starts at the lower end of the virginal and spreads until it gets to the top, before it gets to the womb and can cause infertility.

Virginal hygiene is self cleansing, clean the outside with clean water and a non perfumed soap something light, because if there is a bad smell its from the inside.

For cases of sexual harassment don’t keep quiet, report to a medical doctor so as to get good medical treatment preferable a general hospital. Also report to the police officers.