Barrister Evans Ufeli a legal practitioner came on the show to talk on the responsibilities of Nigerian police officers and our right as a citizen of the country.

He said the primary purpose of the Nigerian policemen in the is to protect the lives and properties of the citizen and they pay tax in return they are expected by the police force.

Barrister Evans said for stop and search it is supposed to be done when there is a reasonable suspicion. The society is reactive and becoming violent by the day because there is a lot of anger, economic injustice, inequalities and also because the environment impacts on the behaviour of the citizens.

When a policeman stops you on the road, it is responsibility to stop and the law says before the search, the policeman is supposed to be searched first before a citizen is searched. Reasonable questions should be asked by the policemen, and the citizens should not shaker whenever they are been stopped.

If we see any citizen been attacked or harassed by the police we should try to stop and ask questions, so that at the end we can fight crime and injustice in the country.









Evans Ufeli a legal practitioner come tell us di right and responsibilities of Nigerian police officer and our right as a citizen for di kontri.

He say di reason wey we get policemen for dis kontri na to protect life and properties of di tax payers citizens, stop and search suppose to bi wen you suspect di person say im commit crime, no be by look.

Barrister Evan say for dis kontri everybody dey violent because of poverty and anger, but for stop and search, make we no dey carry fear for face wen police stop us. You suppose stop wen policeman stop you and d law be say make you first search di policeman before im search you.

If  we see any citizen wey police dey attack make we try stop go ask wetin happen wey dem dey harass di person, so that at di end we go fit fight crime comot for di kont