Nigerian entrepreneur and actor Jim Iyke speaking on how it had been for him not following what his mind had the desire for, because he put he’s emotions and trusted people but at the end getting disappointed.

After having his son, he decided to take over he’s business life by creating it, watch it grow into what he wants it to be. He said along the line failures of the business affected him emotional but, it never affected he’s confidence and in him trying again.

Jim Iyke said he wont be called the highest paid actor in Africa but there are certain conditions that comes with the job, he said he has made 12movies and for him to pick a job it has to be professionally set out, and the script has to thought provoking.

The Nigerian entrepreneur said he has a lot of interest in some many things and never feel pressure, if he feels pressure from business he travels the world and whenever choked up he leaves to a different places.

Jim said for ”every time he’s on exhibition on the show of love he was not in love and was playing a part of him that was in love with love”, it was an exhibition of insecurity.