On the Gudu Morning Naijia show, we had a special guest who is Africans first blind rapper, Nigerians first blind presenter, Abednego Noris. Speaking with Abednego, he said, while in the school of the blind in 2008, he’s friends told him to join the comedy business, he thought of the idea and tried it, but he wasn’t making enough money from it so it took a break off it.

In 2012, he came back to comedy, news writing, editing and readying of news stories. This continued till 2016, he left comedy been a a man with many talents he joined the music.

when asked if he ever got negative responses from people and how did he handle it, he said, instead of having negativity he turned them to positive vibes. Because for every NO he gets from people, it was a standard YES , challenges are more reasons to strive hard.

Abednego said he was inspired by one of Nigerian comedian Seyi Law and Ezugwu Chukwudi, professionally rap business has taken him to places over the comedy business. He also mentioned the challenges he has been facing been blind.

Disability is not a restriction to becoming who you want to be in life, you can achieve your goals.