Reports have revealed a vast skill across Nigeria, with several surveys suggesting that half of all graduates are not employable in any sector based on industry standards. This has sparked growing concern about the incompatibility between applicants and the needs of the job market.

On this episode of Gudu Morning Naija Show, Enajite Oweibo and Glory Oguegbu proffer solution to the high rate of unemployment in the country, Despite the apparent glut of applicants, employers find undesirable thin pickings.

Enajite, lead consultant at Luster Consulting limited, said “Harvard University recently discovered that 90% of job success has to do with soft skills”.

She added that she is championing a new cause with the theme “Young Initiative”.

Several of the reports refer to very low employability levels and little or no skill which seemed to base them on the need for high levels of English proficiency and soft skills, not just technical skills.

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