Top Ten Quotes From Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is a Nigerian actor who is known for the numerous proverbs and quotes he drops while acting. He is a veteran actor that would always be remembered for his informative and hilarious proverbs and quotes.

1. The Quote On Body Parts

No matter how dark a room is, a man would always find his way to a woman’s breast.

2. The Eba Quote

This is definitely hilarious.

3. The One On Stupidity

This is a special shout out to those who would never stop displaying their ignorance and stupidity.

4. A Quote On Being Smart


6. The Jollof Rice Quote’

You basically do not want to get your hosts angry. There is no party if there is no jollof rice.

7. Still On Food

You know how important jollof rice is to Nigerians; if you host a party without adding this food, your party is a big joke.


8. This Is A Dare

This is a big dare; even though it a quote there is a life lesson to be learnt from it.


9. This Is A Warning

As funny as this quote is, it is a charge for those who are not patient.

10. A Quote Aimed At Cautioning People

This is a special word of advice for those who tend to take people and the opportunities they present for granted.

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Top Ten Quotes From Pete Edochie

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