Ribadu Benefited From Proceeds Of Corruption – Ex- EFCC Boss, Waziri Fires Back

Former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Farida Waziri, on Saturday, accused a former Chairman of the commission, Nuhu Ribadu, of enjoying the wealth of people he once described as corrupt.

Waziri made the allegation while reacting to Ribadu’s claim that she alongside some people tried to destroy the EFCC during his tenure.

Reacting to Ribadu’s allegation, Waziri described the former EFCC boss as a “double faced” man who “lacks principles.”

In a statement, she asked Ribadu to explain to Nigerians what happened to the billions of funds and assets recovered during his tenure as EFCC chairman.

The statement reads, “My first inclination was to ignore Nuhu Ribadu since I know he is always obsessed with dropping my name into his script anytime he needs public pity or political relevance but on a second thought I felt I should advise him to leave me out of his frustrations and face life.

“There should be a life after EFCC. If after eight years of being removed as EFCC Chairman, he is yet to move on with life, even after two successive Chairmen had occupied the same seat and moved on with their lives, then his problem may be psychogenic. He needs help elsewhere, certainly not from me.

“If Nuhu is yet to face the reality that EFCC is a Federal Government Agency and not a personal estate of anybody eight years after, I find it compelling to remind him, otherwise one day he would wake up to blame me for his defeat in the 2011 presidential election and even his pathetic outing in the 2015 governorship election in Adamawa state despite the slush funds deployed to ensure his victory at the polls.


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Ribadu Benefited From Proceeds Of Corruption – Ex- EFCC Boss, Waziri Fires Back

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