Kelly Rowland Defends Friend Ciara’s Nude Family Pics With Russell Wilson and Son

When Ciara posted a family photo where she is nearly nude, holding her naked 2-year-old son, Future, and her belly is grasped from behind by a topless man whose face isn’t seen but is presumed to be her husband Russell Wilson, it seemed that everyone had an opinion. While many thought it was “beautiful” or “positive,” just as many objected to the nudity. (One commenter wrote, “This is not a cute pic… sorry… it’s no different than the one with the chick and her little boy… why must everyone prove a point by being in your bday suit.”) Then it appeared that Kelly Rowland, one of Ciara’s closest friends, “liked” the comment and many outlets ran with the story that she objected to the image. Now Rowland is fighting back.

Rowland reposted the image with a strong declaration of support and cited an accidental “like” hit for the misunderstanding.

“This pic of my dear friend and her beautiful family makes my heart smile, I can’t believe
how anyone would actually think I would ‘like’ a negative comment about a woman I look at as a great Mom, awesome wife, and A sweetheart of a friend!” she wrote. “Accidents do happen, and this new ‘❤/like feature is WHACK.”

And that’s all she has to say about that. Rowland even turned off the comments on her post, so she doesn’t want to hear what you have to say about it either.


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Kelly Rowland Defends Friend Ciara’s Nude Family Pics With Russell Wilson and Son

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