Guardiola plays down retire‎ment talks

Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, has insisted he is not thinking of retirement in the near future, but says he will not be going to training “at the age of 60”.

The former Bayern Munich and Barcelona coach, was quoted in an interview with NBC as saying “the process of my goodbye has started”.

He added that City “might be one of the last teams” that he would manage.

But Guardiola says his comments were misinterpreted a bit.

guardiola_leicester-dec2016-300x194“I said in the interview that I am not going to training when I am 60 years old,” he said.

“But guys, I am 45. I am not going to retire in two, three years. I love my job and I am in the perfect place to do my job, especially here in England. I want to do something else in my life. I started to play football as a young guy. My career was on the pitch.

“But I want to do something else in my life. But not in the next three, four, five, six, seven years. I said 60-65 I would not go to training. But I am not thinking I am going to retire.

“When I say to compare to the titles and the history of Manchester United, or Liverpool, or Barcelona or Real Madrid – these kinds of clubs – we are behind. If people don’t understand then I am sorry.

“In the last four, five years Manchester City is one of the clubs that grows the most in the world. Maybe PSG and Man City is the best in terms of where they were. Man City have become a strong team. But in terms of just the titles, when you have to win the Champions League, we are behind those clubs”, he stated.

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Guardiola plays down retire‎ment talks

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