“Crime is crime regardless of who commits it” – Malusi Gigaba


It is no more news about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, The Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba yesterday made an appeal to South Africans to stop accusing the country or the people close to the perpetrators for the sins of the perpetrators.

He made this speech yesterday at the Lighthouse Chapel International church in Sunnyside, Pretoria, following Friday’s anti-immigrant march in the capital.

The march was meant to be a peaceful march, but ended up being violent, 139 protesters were nabbed on saturday, according to acting police commissioner Khomotso Phahlane.

“Just as we do not talk about black crime and white crime, Zulu crime or Tswana crime, let us not talk about immigrant crime,” Gigaba said.

“Just as a car hijacker who happens to be Zulu does not mean all Zulus do crime, so a drug dealer who happens to be a Nigerian does not mean all Nigerians do crime. Crime is crime regardless of who commits it.”

He also spoke out against City of Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba and those who publicly derided foreigners, saying they were the main instigators of the anti-immigrant violence that had broken out in Gauteng this month.

Gigaba also announced that a white paper on immigration management in South Africa was on the cards.

“This was in a bid to deal “more holistically with the conflicts that arise out of immigration”.


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“Crime is crime regardless of who commits it” – Malusi Gigaba

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