Conte warns Mourinho: “Mind games won’t win you matches”

Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, has told his Manchester United counterpart, Jose Mourinho, that indulging in mind games will not win him matches.

Conte was speaking ahead of Monday’s FA Cup quarter-final clash between the two sides.

Mourinho will be hoping to avenge a 4-0 loss at Stamford Bridge last October. After that game, the Portuguese criticized Conte for his overzealous celebrations.

Asked if he had spoken to Mourinho since, Conte said: “No, but I don’t think it is important.

“There is nothing to clarify with him. I think I have shown in my period at Chelsea that I live the game with great passion.

“My players are focused on the game, on the pitch, on the work every game. Mind games don’t bring you to win.

“Before the October game, I was sure we were facing a great team. It is the same now.

“In October, we didn’t know our future. Now we are in March and we stay on top of the table. We have a good identity as a team.”



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Conte warns Mourinho: “Mind games won’t win you matches”

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