Big Brother Naija: Ese Eriata’s Open Letter to Her Future Husband

An open letter from Ese Eriata to her husband has revealed how she has promised to kill her husband if he fails to kill her.

The fake ex BBNaija housemate’s letter reads,”Dear future husband, just in case you are a woman beater, I just wanna let you know that the day you raise your hand on me; two options “either you kill me or I kill you.

“God has blessed me with strength like yours so I won’t fail to explore….. ok bye.

“The rate of domestic violence in this country is really terrible. God save women from demons called men

“So wait o, man will slap me and I will now be crying when my hand is not broken and I didn’t fall from the sky, well I’m not married I won’t know.

“After you promised to love and cherish her till you die, you wake up and do the opposite, then you begin to blame her saying “she was running her mouth.” What happens to “walking away”, “give her space” “ignore her” but no you want to use her to test power….

“I just wish I could help fight for this women, this hurts me so badly.”

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Big Brother Naija: Ese Eriata’s Open Letter to Her Future Husband

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