2baba Finally Releases The Video For “hate what you do to me”

Have you ever heard a dope single by an artist and waited patiently for the music video? I mean, it’s okay to give a single the normal 1-4 month grace period before expecting a video, but when that doesn’t happen? 6 months go by. Then a year. Then 18 months.

That’s how I felt when I first heard 2Baba’s song “Hate What you Do to Me” in 2014 (yes, it’s been that long) but he only decided to release the music video this week. In 2016. Twenty Sixteen. I could have had a child, taught that child to act and helped it star in a music video in all of that time!
I digress.
The new music video was shot by UK director, Luke Biggins who also worked with the Nigerian rapper-come-singer on “Let Somebody Love You”. The video is stunning, I have to say. It was shot in Milan and the scenery is breathtaking too.
I just want to say, 2Baba, if you’re reading this, I “Hate What You Do To Me” when you make me wait this long for music videos!

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2baba Finally Releases The Video For “hate what you do to me”

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